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We offer many services for entrepreneurs that want to be known, that’s why we created different advertisement packages to fit each of your individual needs.

Canon Pack

With this pack, you have 2 spots on our magazine to put your advertisement offering your services and your contact information, 1 banner of 120×120. Additionally, 1 collaboration in one of our posts of Entrepreneur of the week with the Camera Team.

It costs £200 monthly, which you can pay in two instalments, one mid-month and one the last day of the month.

Lumix Pack 2.0

If you are bold and determined, this is the best option for you. Here you will find 4 spots on our magazine for a short period of time to advertise whatever you want. Also, 4 designs for your flyer, and 1 collaboration in one of our posts of Entrepreneur of the week. This pack costs £70 to be paid biweekly.

Polaroid Shining Pack

We are sure that you are looking for a package that brings you options at an affordable price, which is what we offer with this one. You will enjoy 6 designs for your posts that can be advertised, 1 banner of 80×80 and a 10% discount on your next payment. All at a fee of £40 to put up your advertising for 10 days.

Pentax Awesome Pack

If you want to save money and earn popularity on your page in a few days, this is the best package. This package offers lots of benefits, one of them is the creation of 3 designs according to your brand and your necessities to be advertised. Additionally, 1 little banner of 100×100 promoting your brand on a big scale. The fee is a mere £25.

Fujifilm Fun and Shine

Funny, radiant, and stunning, those adjectives are the best ones for this package. We recommend this package for people who love to take landscape photographs and classic portraits. You will have 10 designs, plus two months of advertising on our page, at just £250.

Kodak and Sony Updates

This is the most complete plan for you to make your product shine. We offer 15 designs, 3 banners of 100×100 and 280×120. This exclusive package costs £300 and has a duration of 6 months.

Our clients are completely satisfied with our advertisement services and they prefer our magazine to advertise over other pages.