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About Gareth

First and foremost, I have a real passion for photography which, in many cases, is older than some of the Brides and Grooms I photograph!

For me, the most important aspect of photography is the relationship between photographer and those infront of the camera. I take the time to get to know my clients and build a relaxed and friendly rapport.

Thank you SO much Gareth!

We had a sneak peak on Friday from Greece, although the internet connection was a bit iffy. But from what we saw....we are literally so thrilled with all of them!!! You have done such an amazing job...

Again, thank you for all your amazing work, tolerance and simply brilliant professionalism...it was a pleasure from start to finish.

~ Helen and Joe Marritt

My advice to potential clients is always that they need to make sure that they not only like style of the examples they are shown but that they feel comfortable and relaxed in the company of the photographer. At a wedding for instance, that person will be spending most of your big day with you so a comfortable atmosphere is essential.

Since I took the "professional plunge" in 2002 my photography has evolved a great deal into what I hope you will agree is a relaxed casual style. With this experience the most important thing I learnt is to have fun with my clients, then you get fun, relaxed images - simple really!

I am very proud to to be a "Trusted Partner"of Cliveden House (www.clivedenhouse.co.uk), one of the Country's most exclusive hotels and wedding venues. Cliveden has spent a great deal of time and effort in selecting a handful of wedding suppliers who match their standards and they can trust with their clients. 

At home I have three rapidly growing boys, my very hard working wife, Anne, and a very cheeky golden retriever puppy called Barney!


I have collected multiple awards over time and I am an Associate of the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP).

In many ways this is the most important of all achievements. An Associateship is awarded for a collection of images all of which represent "a high standard of craftsmanship and creative ability" rather than individual images as competition winners. This required a dedicated and consistent effort to raise the standard of my photography to a higher level.

If you would like to learn more about the BIPP please click here or on the logo.